We know it's about to get real, but let's talk about it.

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We get it, it's a weird conversation to have, but we are here to have it. We totally understand budgets, we shoot weddings all year long, we hear about them all the time. So with that said, we do indeed have bills to pay, but we are also here to make sure you guys have an amazing experience.  If you connect with our work and want to have a conversation about money, LET'S DO IT!  We are all about helping you guys get what you need. We can't wait to hear from you guys! Take a look down below for some ball-park numbers, and inquire with us to get some more concrete details! Talk to you soon!


Wedding Packages

Storytelling for your big day starts at $3,400

We try to have options that work for everyone, but we are totally down to make something special for you guys, if need be. Customizing is easy, so definitely ask if there are some things we can move around. All of our packages include a digital gallery, printing rights and good times. 


Portrait Sessions

Our portrait sessions start at $575

Give us two hours of your time and we'll make the magic!



Y'all are eloping? HELL YEAH! We are all about intimacy, so definitely give us a shout so we can adventure around and experience your love with you guys.


Destination Weddings

We love to travel. So, we try and make traveling for us very easy! So if your wedding is anywhere outside of California, we are so down, it's insane! Reach out, we will be sure to help you out and get us to your location!



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