Seth & Kaiti


Ever heard of high school sweethearts? yeah, that's not us.

Just best friends.


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why we do it


We always tell people that witnessing the human spirit in its most genuine of forms drives us to continue creating our art. It's an awe-inspiring sensation when you take a photo and immediately feel as if you've immortalized someone's true nature. To us, it’s just about capturing a moment, capturing humanity, capturing exactly what we are going through at that exact time, and sharing that with the world. Telling your story is what’s most important to us. Yeah sure, we'll give you some direction, maybe tell you that a hand on your hip isn't working very well, or to move your hair when the wind is too strong, but, for the most part, we want to capture what is truly you. Your essence. Your love. Love is the purest emotion, we feel, humanity has. We create because we want to remind people why they love, or how they have loved, or maybe even what happened to their love and how it has evolved. It's about human connection, at the end of the day. We want to show your connection, but just as well, we want to be able to connect with others that view our photos. Art is here to bring the world a little closer together, and at the very least, help people feel a little less alone. That’s why we do this, for community and for humanity.


Let's talk about how we met


So there's this little boarding academy nestled on its very own private beach in Santa Cruz, CA... and I guess that's kind of where this story starts. Kaiti & I were both juniors and it was my first year at Monterey Bay Academy. It was 4th period English and I see this adorable, little Filipino girl sitting there—probably wearing sequins and bright colors. She was sitting in front of me and, like the true introvert I am, I said nothing. Class was about to start when Kaiti managed to finally make her way to me after talking to the whole class to introduce herself. I was little overwhelmed, but oddly comfortable. Since then, we’ve been best friends. Being at a boarding school, we were able to spend almost all of our time together, between yearbook, drama and the two AP classes our tiny school offered, we formed an amazing bond, that we couldn't imagine our lives without. Somewhere along the two years we spent at school together, we managed to figure out that both of us fancied dabbling in photography. Kaiti, was an experienced PRO! She had her WIX website up, and had her dodging and burning down pat. I, on the other hand, was a little more novice. However, our shared passion grew, taking senior portraits, and just enjoying a photoshoot on Saturdays down at the beach. Graduation day came, and we both decided to pursue our college degrees back home in Southern California. Then one day, we decided to give weddings a shot, and, like the whirlwind the industry is, here we are today, doing what we love every day!

Gaby & Peter get hitched at Miramonte Indian Wells-Palm Springs Photo Booth

Kaiti Here!


Hi! My name is Kaiti and I adore taking pictures. It's quite as simple as that. Anything and everything has beauty, especially the smiles on all your faces, and I intend to capture that with the click of a shutter. I am currently a university student, studying Film & English at La Sierra University in Riverside, CA. My best friend, Seth, and I launched this company in 2012, when the two of us decided we wanted to share our talents and love for the photography with anyone we can find. We hope our message of discovering beauty is translated to you. Enjoy our page! We would love to meet you!



Now it's my turn!


Well hello there. Seth here. It's always kind of weird having to write something about yourself. But here I am. I, just as Kaiti, love taking photos. I mean isn't that why we are all here, for photos? Taking photos isn't only art to me, it's magic. It's the ability to freeze a single moment in time that could have been potentially forgotten. I feel like i'm the keeper of memories, like I am responsible for YOUR moments, and I love that. I love being able to tell your story and live your story. I just graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with a degree in Apparel Industry Management. Also, that girl right up there, Kaiti, is my best friend. And I couldn't think of anyone else to start a business with! It helps so much to have her there with me when we are shooting because I can simply give her a look, and she knows what I'm thinking. We love being able to live out our passion together and share it with you fine folk. So please, take a look around, and enjoy the moments we have frozen for your enjoyment!



Things We Love



Where are you based out of?

We are based out of Southern California.


Do you travel?

Yes! We love to travel, and in fact we prefer it! Take us anywhere, we are soooo down for the get down!


What are your wedding rates?

Our packages start at $3,400. For a more detailed pricing go ahead and fill out the contact form and we can get that to you!


who will be shooting our wedding?

We will!! You will be getting Seth & Kaiti every time. Every once in awhile we will hire a second shooter if there are extenuating circumstances and one of us can't make it. But for the most part, you will always get the two of us!


Do you guys offer engagement session?

YUP YUP! We actually always try and push our couples to do one. We only have a couple oppurtunities to hang out with you guys, so we love to be able to get the chance to feel out how you guys are in front of the camera before the wedding! And it gives you guys a chance to get used to how we shoot! :)


How will we receive our wedding photos and how many will we receive? 

We deliver our photos in an online gallery where you can download the photos at full res, high res, or web size. We normally deliver around 600-800 images. And you'll normally receive them within 2-3 months.


do you bring lighting?

In short, yes. But in all honesty, do we use it, no. We have the equipment with us just in case we absolutely need it but for the most part we don't use flash or lighting. We are natural light photographers. We don't really want to interrupt intimate moments with a burst of light, so we prefer to just use the natural light. It gives us a look that we like, and the look that you see all over our website!


How do payments work?

We do a 50% retainer due at the signing of your contract, and the remaining amount is due a month before the wedding. We accept pretty much any form of payment!


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